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eConsult is a clever bit of software that allows you to quickly and safely get help and advice from your GP practice online, for free, from anywhere.  eConsult is a secure form-based online consultation platform that collects your medical or administrative request and sends it through to your practice to triage and get the right care for you. Over 3000 NHS practices use eConsult to help deliver safe and effective care for their patients.

How does eConsult work?

Once you have selected the correct eConsult icon for the practice you are registered to, you will be directed to the eConsult form. The form can be completed for a health enquiry for yourself, a child or administrative help. The completed form is sent and reviewed by the practice to decide on the right care for you. You’ll hear back within 3 working days, with either a call from the GP, admin request follow-up, prescriptions sent to the pharmacy or a face-to-face appointment at the practice.

eConsult is also great for patient self-help, pharmacy advice and local self-referral services.

eConsult lets you consult with your NHS GP online by completing a quick form that is sent and reviewed by the practice. You can also be directed to patient self-help, pharmacy advice and local self-referral services.

Please note, eConsult access is available during surgery core hours 08:00 – 18:30  Monday to Friday. If you have an urgent matter, please contact the practice directly and do not use eConsult.


How to submit and eConsult

This video below gives a quick step by step on how to complete an online consultation form. For more detailed steps, you can download and print the user guide to complete an eConsult

Benefits of using eConsult

  • Patients may not need a trip to the surgery and their query may be resolved with a phone call
  • There is no need to change surgery to get digital first access. Patients complete an online GP consultation with their own practice when they need to
  • Medical advice is available 24/7 even when the practice is closed – Patients can check their health symptoms online and receive on the spot medical advice and treatment guidance thanks to NHS content
  • Patients will get a response from their own NHS GP practice within 3 working days
  • Access wherever and whenever patients want from any device. Unlike a telephone call patients can complete an eConsult at a pace that suits them, without needing to wait or travel to the practice
  • Patients can request sick notes and test results without the need for an appointment saving patient and practice time


eConsult FAQs

1. I don’t have internet access; how else can I make an appointment?

Patients are still able to call the practice, where a helpful Patient Co-Ordinator can complete the form on your behalf. If online or calling is not an option for you, and you’re able to visit the practice we have paper eConsult forms which can be collected at Reception.


2. When can I phone the practice?

If you are calling for a routine appointment, please call the practice after 11am, where we will complete an eConsult for you.

If you require an urgent appointment, please call from 8am, where we will arrange for the Urgent Care team of Clinicians to speak or see you on the day. eConsults are not completed for urgent matters.


3. How do I access eConsult?

The eConsult link can be found on the Mendip Vale Website The form is available to complete within the practice core hours 08:00 – 18:30 Monday to Friday. eConsult is compatible on all digital devices including PC, smart phones, and tablets.


4. When will I hear back from the practice?

Once you’ve submitted your eConsult form, Mendip Vale will be in touch within 3 working days to discuss the next steps


5. Do I need to have a login to complete an eConsult?

You can either login using your NHS login, which will save you time filling in some details. The NHS login is the same login you use for your NHS app, this is different from Emis PatientAccess login.

If you don’t already have an NHS login, continue without it. eConsult will give you the option to register for one after you submit your request.


6. Do I need to complete an eConsult for a regular routine appointment?

Yes please, this helps us ensure you get seen by the most appropriate clinician.


7. Is it quicker to come to the surgery to arrange an appointment?

No, the same process is in place for routine appointments.


8. Why can’t eConsult be accesses seven days a week?

Our core provision is Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) 08:00 to 18:30 and this includes our online services such as eConsult. Other NHS providers are commissioned to fulfil this service for out of hours use, including 111. By making eConsult accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week increases the possible risk the of leaving eConsults with potentially urgent needs for extended periods, whilst the surgery is closed or over the weekend.


9. Why can’t the red flags not be placed earlier when completing an eConsult?

eConsult is built on complex algorithms to identity red flags (urgent/ emergency matters)and amber flags. These are key for clinicians to review and identify early identification or to signpost you for more urgent treatment. This system is similarly built like 111.


10. Why does the eConsult form ask so many questions?

Depending what you answer on your eConsult the form can seem very long and tedious with many questions including some duplications. However, the questions assist there viewing clinician to find the correct treatment / pathway. The system also attempts to clarify your symptoms so it can signpost to self-help or the pharmacy, always looking to where it is safe to direct patients to the most appropriate service.

11. How can I find out more

The video below gives a short guide to eConsult


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